About Us

The Vermont Total Doberman Club (VTDC) became a member club of The United Doberman Club (UDC) not long after the UDC was created, more than 20 years ago. In its earliest days the group had actually been in the process of seeking affiliation with the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) and was then known as The Doberman Pinscher Club of Southern Vermont. Everything changed when the American Kennel Club (AKC) handed down a ruling forbidding any member club from involvement or association with any dog bite sports; at that time predominately Schutzhund and occasionally the lesser known French Ringsport. As a result of AKC’s ban, the UDC was born. Here in southern Vermont the names and faces of the members may have changed over the years but the common thread has always been the belief in, and pursuit of, The Total Doberman. Correct temperament and preservation of the origins of the breed as a protection dog are paramount to this endeavor and so this vision shared with those forming UDC made our club’s affiliation a no-brainer.

The VTDC was a very active club in early years, holding a variety of seminars and fundraisers to support regular events which ranged from local shows to regional events and most often presented the versatility of the Doberman with the showcasing of not only Temperament Tests (required for conformation entries) and Breed shows, but additionally obedience and schutzhund trials. This obviously entails a LOT of hard work and we were fortunate to have a large enough group of dedicated and committed members and their families to be able to put on some well run, well attended and memorable events. We were also fortunate to usually have more than one helper within or visiting the club and so training was a regular event for those pursuing working titles (sch, tracking, obedience)…………..and that was pretty much everyone in the group! Then came a point where the club no longer had regular training and those remaining members were traveling elsewhere to get necessary training while others moved on to other interests. VTDC became a “paper club” for a lengthy period of time and the few members were dual members in a DVG ‘sister’ club and energies went towards that club.

Well folks- WE’RE BACK!

Vermont Total Doberman Club is back going strong once again with the influx of some incredible, enthusiastic Doberman devotees over the past few years. Best of all is that we once again are a close-knit group, a “Doberman Family”, and our gatherings are not only productive but FUN and the support of one another, whatever the activity, is sincere and constant. We all share the vision of the Total Doberman and you will see in reading through the “member bios” pages that there is great diversity in training focuses, which may be due to owner passion (obsession?!) or maybe to a particular dog’s capabilities. In the end we support, encourage and applaud any and all activities that strengthen and respect the handler/dog relationship while always being mindful of our duty to portray responsible dog ownership.

The Total Doberman ~ Health + Temperament + Structure