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It started in 1970 with my search for a dog without a coffee-table-clearing tail as I'd seen too much of that. This lead me to the Old English Sheepdog .....and all the grooming! Next time around was after falling in love with the Doberman breed to my first, Tanya. We were joined at the hip from 1972 until I lost her in 1986 and it tore my heart out. So much so that I couldn't bear the thought of going through it again and so my next Doberman wasn't until 2006, after 2 years of consideration,when Keysan came into my life. I had been seriously looking and decided I wanted a dog from "working"  lines and this lead me to finding a reputable breeder in NY with a new litter on the ground. I had NO idea of the ride I was in for. I had thought I understood about High Energy but discovered it was SO Much more. I called her my little dragon in a dog suit. I  laughed, cried , screamed and loved while learning how to work with this extreme girl.

I was tearing my hair out trying to figure her out as now I was older and hadn't even lived with dogs for YEARS.  That's when I found The Vermont Total Doberman Club.  It was a godsend to find  people who knew how to help me understand how to work with my girl properly. 

I started enjoying it so much so that in 2009 I imported my girl, Journey, from the Ukraine!
They have both been wonderful teachers,  mirrors to my faults, too much work at times, and everything I ever could have imagined, and more. But mostly  they are just fun.  I am currently training in schutzhund with Journey and have done some obedience and  Rally with Keysan.  Both are learning tracking along with me...