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                   Doozie's son, Grits. My up and coming *MOON*star.


   Favorite summer fun- WATER!                Caper with her 2012 UDC nat'ls awards


                        Doozie @ VTDC's Ron Marshall Protection workshop

Having started in AKC breed and obedience I then discovered schutzhund. Over the course of years since my first Doberman in 1973 it has evolved to doing any and all activities that involve training and having fun with my dogs! Current training activities are IPO and dock diving and we've dabbled in some lure coursing and Barn Hunt, too.  Oh, and Caper had a hobby all her own ~ Downhill sledding!

I am also an occasional breeder under the kennel name of Rebholzer with breedings always done with a focus on 'the total Doberman' in temperament, structure and health testing.
Caper took a huge piece of my heart with her when she left but she left some of hers to help fill the void ~ her grandson, Rebholzer Moon Stalker, aka: Grits.

More info on the dogs and our activities can be found here: Rebholzer Dobermans